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Safety Risks




The Diocesian processes will be inadequate to minimise the spread of COVID-19


The parish will not meet its obligations & duty of care to provide a healthy & safe environment


Hazard Identification

Reasonably foreseeable hazards will risk the wellbeing of people and property

Emergency Management

People will be injured because there is not an effective emergency management plan


Incident (Including Injuries) Management

The effect of incidents will be compounded because they are not reported appropriately


Risk Management

Inadequate risk management may lead to injury, death, property damage, reputational damage and/or litigation

Injury to a Worker

Injured workers will not be supported to return to work

Manual Handling

People will be injured whilst manually handling hazardous objects

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Cash Handling

People may be injury and/or money misplaced, not able to be accounted for or stolen due to inadequate cash handling procedures being in place



Injury to a worker whilst traveling for parish business


Electrical Safety

Injury or damage caused by unsafe electrical equipment

Candle Safety

People will be injured or property will be damaged due to the use of candles


Hazardous chemicals will not be stored and managed appropriately causing injury

  • Chemical Safety Guidelines
  • Chemical Signage
  • Chemical Register


Contractor Management
  • Fact Sheet
  • Hazard Alert – Asbestos
  • Incident (ACT Worksafe)