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Finance Committee

The role of the Finance Committee is to advise the Bishop-in-Council on the financial affairs and policies of the Diocese. In particular the Finance Committee shall:

  • Evaluate proposals by Diocesan Organisations to borrow money;
  • Advise Bishop-in-Council in respect to all matters relating to Debt Commitments in the Diocese, particularly changing terms of existing debt or new/additional debt;
  • Review the Diocesan budget;
  • Assess financial risk exposures for the Diocese and develop appropriate strategies to manage risk exposures;
  • Review financial controls and systems in the ADS;
  • Provide advice on matters referred to it by Bishop-in-Council, including matters relating to the financial affairs and policies of Diocesan Organisation

The Finance Committee is directly accountable to Bishop-in-Council and has the authority to request any information it requires from any Diocesan Organisation to assist it with providing appropriate advice to Bishop-in-Council.