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Legal Committee

This Legal Committee of the Diocese meets weekly in the Diocesan Office to discuss issues emerging from all aspects of the Diocese’s operation that are brought to its attention by, for example, the Bishop, The Registrar and ADS staff, the Professional Standards Director or Diocesan agencies.

The Bishops, Registrar and the Professional Standards Director often attend for part of the Committee’s meetings, in order to provide briefings and seek oral advice.

In between meetings the members of the Committee work on matters, which are then settled by the Chancellor. Whilst the Chancellor undertakes many matters himself, he is ably assisted by the other members of the group. The Chancellor and members of the Legal Committee all work in a voluntary capacity.

The Diocesan Legal Committee comprises:

The Chancellor
Mr Tony Beal
Mr Rupert Hammond
Ms Anne McNaughton and
Dr Darryn Jensen

This year, a considerable part of the Committee’s work was devoted to finding a sensible, workable and accountable solution to the problems encountered by the Property Trust in managing its increasing workload. The results will be placed before the Synod in an amending Ordinance. In addition, property matters and professional standards matters continue to play a large part in the work of the Committee.

The Legal Committee does not provide formal legal advice. The Diocese seeks formal advice from external lawyers when required.