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Clergy removals

The costs associated with the removal of furniture and effects of clergy are met by the Diocese in the following cases:

  1. clergy removals between parishes/ministry units following an appointment occurring as a result of the Clergy Appointment Board process;
  2. a stipendiary appointment made by the Bishop (e.g. Diocesan Archdeacon);
  3. clergy entering retirement on the basis of age or invalidity;
  4. theological students proceeding to their first full-time stipendiary appointments just prior to ordination.

The following conditions for removals apply:

  • the Diocese funds all removals centrally within a capping limit which is a base of $3,000 (based on a 60m 3 load) plus $200 per hour for travel from upload and back to base.
  • the Parish/ministry unit to which the clergy person is moving is responsible for paying any removal costs which exceed the capping limit.
  • there is a special circumstances provision where, at the discretion of the Bishop, the Diocese will cover removal costs which exceed the capping limit (e.g. when clergy are moving into retirement; those moving to rural parishes in need).

Clergy should obtain three (3) written quotations for the removal and forward them to the ADS for the Registrar’s consideration. Quotations can be emailed to Emma Body It should be noted that the personal furniture and effects of clergy in transit are insured by the Diocese.

Clergy subject to a removal may claim a removal allowance of 1% of a rector’s stipend by writing to the Registrar.