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Bishop-in-Council is the Standing Committee of Synod and, in that capacity, exercises such of the powers and functions of the Synod as the Synod delegates to the Council by ordinance.

Bishop-in-Council has the authority to appoint task groups or committees as necessary to assist it in the discharge of its functions. Provision shall be made by the Bishop-in-Council for the terms of reference, membership and procedures to be followed by such task groups or committees, and give powers or functions to them as it considers appropriate.

Bishop-in-Council is responsible to Synod for:

  • establishing strategies and goals for the mission and ministry of this Church in the Diocese and for the execution of those strategies and the attainment of those goals;
  • the nurturing and oversight, in consultation with the Bishop, of the well-being of ministry units;
  •  the effective, efficient and economical management of the property and financial resources of the Diocese for the purposes of carrying out and sustaining the mission and ministry of this Church in the Diocese; and
  • for the supervision of the affairs of diocesan agencies.

Meetings of Bishop-in-Council are generally held every second month and the membership is comprised of clergy and laity representing a broad cross section of the Diocese.

Appointed and elected members hold office from the date of appointment or election until the last day of the first session of the next Synod.