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Anglican Diocesan Services (ADS) Board

The ADS Board is responsible for the management and operations of the ADS under the Anglican Diocesan Services Ordinance 2010 as amended. The membership of the ADS Board comprises the persons, other than the Registrar, who for the time being are the members of Ministry Executive.

Meetings of the ADS Board are held every second month.

The ADS was established on 1 July 2013. The ADS model consolidates core administrative functions within a single shared services entity. The purpose of embracing shared services is to provide a framework that will enable continuous service improvements to the Diocese and its agencies by driving efficiency benefits from the consolidation of the identified shared services.

This will enable the Diocese and its partner agencies to better focus on missional outcomes and their core businesses.

The objectives of the ADS are to:

  • facilitate mission in the activities of the Diocese and its agencies;
  • provide Diocesan wide consistency and standardisation within the areas of Diocesan Services while acknowledging the uniqueness and complexity of individual agencies and the services they provide to the community and disadvantaged; and
  • provide a process of continuous improvements in the provision of service standards, ensuring efficiencies across the agencies are maximized leading to reductions in overall infrastructure costs.

The Registrar is the General Manager of ADS.

ADS Board Charter