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Risk and Compliance

Protecting people and communities from harm

The Risk and Compliance functions are applied across multiple agencies of the Diocese. This includes applying, where appropriate, standard policies and procedures and gaining efficiencies with economies of scale. The following outlines the functions provided and the service offered within each function.

  1. Risk management framework
  2. Critical incidents
  3. Work health and safety framework
  4. Reporting
  5. Policy development
  6. Insurances
  7. Contract management
  8. Contracts / documents executions

Hazard ReportingIncident ReportingInsurance Certificates of CurrencySafety Risk RegisterForms and Documents

Personnel in Risk and Compliance

PositionStaff Member
DirectorAndrew Guile
Senior Adviser Injury ManagementDelene Mason-Waugh
Senior Adviser, RiskChrissy Watson
Legal Services ManagerDaniel Simon
Insurance ManagerNienke Lucas
Education Risk AdvisorViv Martin

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