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General Manager/Executive

The General Manager’s role is to oversee the operations of the ADS and report to the Board on key governance, risk and internal control issues at each meeting.

With the approval and oversight of the Board, the General Manager engages with parishes and other Diocesan agencies to investigate ways in which the ADS can provide support and services to those parishes and agencies.

The General Manager is also the Registrar for the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn.

Secretariat, executive support and strategic advice is provided, via the Registrar/General Manager, to Synod, Bishop-in-Council, Ministry Executive, the ADS Board, Property Trust, the Finance Committee and the Pelican Foundation.

The Registrar/General Manager is responsible for the implementation and coordination of policy decisions for these forums (e.g. applications to incur debt; trust investment, management and advice to parishes; trust withdrawals).

Other administrative functions overseen by the Registrar include: Co-ordination of the annual Synod; Parish Returns; Clergy Removals and general administration services provided via the ADS.

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Personnel in the General Manager/Executive Directorate

PositionStaff Member
General ManagerTrevor Ament
Deputy RegistrarEmma Body
Visual Communications & Brand Designer Jemma Thomas
Reception and Executive Support OfficerBarbara Chambers

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