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Ministry Resources and Publications

For further enquiries and questions on these documents please contact the Diocesan Bishop’s Office on 6232 3612.

For more information on guidelines not linked to a document please contact the Diocesan Bishop’s Office on 6232 3612.


Holy Baptism (Pastoral Guidelines)

Clergy Appointment Boards

Clergy Details Form

Clergy Licensing

Columbarium and Disposal of Ashes

Commissioning of Clergy


Consecration or De-consecration (Secularisation) of a Church


Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

Discernment for Ordination



Holy Communion


Lay Minister Licensing

Leave Forms (Clergy)
As set out in the annual Administrative Circular all clergy leave forms are signed off by the Diocesan Bishop.  This is to ensure the Bishop knows when clergy are on any type of leave and when locums are required.

Marriage Celebrant Registration for Clergy in the ACT & NSW

[Proposed] Marriage of Divorced Persons (Guide for Clergy & Application for Permission to Remarry)

Marriage Outside a Designated Place of Worship (Notes for Guidance of Clergy & Report to the Bishop Concerning a Proposed Marriage)



Resignation of Office Form – Clergy

[Protocol When] Visiting Another Diocese