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The ACNC Annual Information Statement (AIS)

What information is required in the ACNC Annual Information Statement (AIS)?

All registered charities must provide non-financial information to the ACNC about their operations for the reporting period in an Annual Information Statement.This information falls into 4 main categories:

  1. Details about each charity (eg name, ABN, contact details)
  2. Activities
  3. Resources and operating locations
  4. A summary of which other government agencies the charity had to report to.

When must the AIS be lodged?

  • Parishes and other entities whose financial year ends on 31 December, must lodge their AIS by 30 June the following year.
  • Entities whose financial year ends on 30 June, must lodge their AIS by 31 December the same year.
  • Charities that do not fall within the definition of a basic religious charity also have to comply with financial reporting obligations.

You  must contact the Anglican Diocesan Services and provide details of any changes immediately using this form (link to form).