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Anglican Church Property Trust

The Anglican Church Property Trust, Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn is a Corporate body established under the Anglican Church Property Trust Act 1917 (NSW) and the equivalent Act in the ACT of 1928. It is governed by the Anglican Church Property Trust Ordinance of 1944 as amended.

The Trust holds all church property within the Diocese and all funds passed to the Church for specific purposes. The Trust as a corporate body, is a legal entity, able to enter into contracts, to sue or be sued. The Trust is not a policy making body as Diocesan Policy is established by Synod and the Bishop-in-Council. The Trust acts to assist the mission of the Diocese through the effective and efficient use of Diocesan property and resources.

The membership of the Trust is determined by the Ordinance and comprises of the Bishop and eight other members. Members are elected by Synod and hold office for six years. The Registrar is the Secretary of the Property Trust.