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Ministry Training and Development

Through our baptism and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ we are called to serve him and others by using the gifts God has given us through the Holy Spirit. These gifts are meant to be used to the glory of God to make him known in the world and to build his church.

Within the context of the ministry of all the baptised, some Christians are set apart for a particular life in the purposes of God. The Anglican Church has historically held the threefold order of ministry of bishop, priest and deacon. No one can enter these orders unless an inner movement by the Holy Spirit is confirmed by an outer call of the Church.

The Bishop of Canberra & Goulburn has specified the following criteria for those contemplating ordained ministry in this Diocese.

An applicant must:

  • Be personally committed to Jesus Christ as Lord and prayerfully committed to growing in both Christian maturity and character.
  • Be above reproach in their personal & family lives and well respected in their community. If married the relationship should be stable and be an example to the flock of Christ.
  • Be able to demonstrate a commitment to the mission of God and a passion to grow and sustain faith communities confident in Christ, giving evidence of a desire to share the faith with those who are not yet Christian.
  • Have a strong background of active ministry in an Anglican parish or faith community where they have demonstrated leadership initiative, love and service that is designed to build others up in Christ.
  • Have the capacity or the potential to reflect carefully on Scripture and think theologically in order to connect God’s revelation with the needs of contemporary people in both Church and society.
  • Honour the diversity of Anglican expression in the Diocese and be prepared to listen respectfully and learn from others.

The discernment and selection process in the Anglican Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn is designed to test both calling and suitability for the ordained ministries needed to advance the mission of God in the twenty first century.

For more information on the process of ordination please you can read A Guide to the Process of Discernment, Confirmation, Training and Formation for Ordained Ministry or contact the Director of Ministry Training & Development, Bishop Carol Wagner, here.