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Exploratory Ministries Unit

Who are we? What do we do what we do?

The Exploratory Ministry Unit (EMU) is the place for new and beginning ministries to find support and flourish. Our goal is to foster healthy ministries that will graduate out of the EMU and take their place as a Chaplaincy Unit or Ministry Unit in the life of our Diocese.

The Exploratory Ministry Unit is overseen by a Council, who receive applications from Exploratory Ministries who want to join the EMU. Council members liaise with accepted Exploratory Ministries to enable good governance and pastoral oversight.

The Exploratory Ministry Unit is also outward looking, finding growth areas of our Diocese and working to see Exploratory Ministries started in those places. Whether in a country town or a regional city, or a coastal community, we want to be part of the mission of the Diocese to engage all people with the love and truth of Jesus.

How can I be involved?

Our Council makes a feature of prayer in our meetings, and we’d love you to join us in our commitment to pray. We want Parishes praying for new opportunities and exploratory ministries. We want our exploratory ministries to be praying for our Parishes. Please pray to the Lord of the harvest.

Tell us your exploratory idea

If you have an idea of how God is working in your communities and you’d like to have a sounding board and experienced innovators to talk with, then contact us at EMU. We love hearing about the Spirit of God transforming people and places.

Give to those who are giving it a go

Sometimes the support an exploratory ministry needs is some cash to kick-start their work. You can enable the new and exploratory ministries coming through the EMU, when you give to us.

A little history…

Way back in 2015 the Diocese established an Exploratory Ministries Chaplaincy Unit (EMCU) which sought to draw together the fledgling and new ministries, to strengthen and support them. This agency was ready for some refreshing and renewal after covid, so a new ordinance was passed in 2022 to establish the EMU in its present form.