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At Canberra Grammar School’s end-of-year Presentation Afternoon ceremony, Fr Andrew Robinson was awarded the prestigious Ian Powell award for his special and sustaining contribution to the spirit, wellbeing, growth and culture of the CGS community. The following words are taken from his award citation.

‘To individual students, staff and parents, Andrew is unfailingly generous with his time, a compassionate listener, discrete and circumspect in his advice. He is wise, insightful and sensitive (some would say beyond his years!). He leads by example, in service, kindness, humour and warmth, in his relationships with colleagues and students.

‘Andrew’s pedagogy, particularly through his sermons, is exemplary in reaching young people where they are, spiritually, culturally, conceptually, in all their diversity. We teachers are privileged to observe his intricately structured teaching. Here, he gifts us the opportunity to grow spiritually alongside our students, as we watch them connect and ponder his gently provocative, humble, witty and personal reflections.

‘During 2020 and 2021, Andrew has shouldered a considerable and often solitary burden of sheer hard work in writing, filming, editing and producing services and events during remote learning. He and the Chaplaincy team have borne the frustration of not holding services where they, and we, best belong. Like all of us, Andrew has faced doubts about the traction and impact of his work, with students often remote in more ways than one. As Chaplain, this has surely been a particularly profound vocational challenge.

‘Meanwhile, at the ‘pointy end’ of pastoral care, Andrew has worked with some of our most vulnerable and troubled young people at this time. Yet he has tirelessly reached out and supported them. He has kept on turning to the camera, and speaking to our community’s need for connection, courage, hope, and faith in a way that raised spirits and carried us towards better times.’

Congratulations Andrew for this well-deserved recognition!

Note: Ian Powell was Deputy Headmaster of Canberra Grammar School from 1975 until his death in 1982. The award recognises an outstanding contribution to the life of the School by a staff member.


Story provided by Archdeacon James Coats
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