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St Francis Day was a glorious spring day which saw an excited group of people gather in the Community Garden at Holy Covenant in Cook for the pet blessing and launch of the Noah’s Ark Pet Ministry.

The gardens were looking just lovely and the dogs and hamsters had all been bathed and brushed and were looking their best as were the photos of those animals who could not attend. There were photos of cats and dogs from around Canberra, Narooma in NSW and even a photo of two Dachshunds in Boston USA all looking for a blessing. They were all very well-behaved and there was excitement and joy in abundance as they came forward with their family member one by one for their blessing.

Archdeacon Wayne Brighton blessing Pus Cat by photo

Following the blessing of all the pets the Noah’s Ark Pet Ministry was launched.

Pets are a beloved part of our family. Whether you own a cat or a dog or some other pet, every pet-owner knows that our animals play a key role in our lives and those who live alone and have a pet develop a very special bond.

The Noah’s Ark Pet ministry will support pet owners and their pets with prayer and offer an opportunity for pet owners to talk to someone who understands the importance of pets in their lives. There will be opportunity to celebrate a pet’s life in joy and sadness and offer a prayer vine, memorial services and pastoral care to pet owners. The ministry will also reach out into our community around the church offering food packages for dogs to the homeless who sit around our shopping centres begging.

This is an exciting new ministry and judging from the response to it, is very much needed. Over the past few weeks, we have been praying for a family dog called ‘King’. King has been very ill with the vets struggling to find the cause of his illness and he was deteriorating. Now the cause of his illness has been found and he is able to commence treatment and make a full recovery much to the relief of his owners and thanks to the power of prayer.

Archdeacon (EM) Anne Ranse OAM

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