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I feel tiny – in a helpful and good way. The Lambeth Conference for bishops and spouses that we attended was nothing like I expected. It inspired me to strive to do better for Jesus, our beautiful Diocese, family and friends – we love you. This Conference also encouraged me to be more faithful to the Bible, care about everyone around me, welcome strangers, and strive for justice.

Please let me describe the scene I was immersed in for you – about 650 bishops and 450 spouses from approximately 165 nations attended this Conference. When I opened the door from our room, I felt like I had stepped out into a beautiful colour, 3D-picture book on worldwide fashion. People in their gorgeous native dresses and outfits surrounded me – bright and earthy colours and patterns from islands, Africa, Asia, etc delighted my eyes. My ears continually rang with joy to the sounds of different languages, and my mind was captivated by multiple tunes of people worshipping God according to their culture.

I am humbled and in awe of everyone; people are so inspiring. My heart warmed as I watched people from different cultures talk about the Gospel and read the Bible together. I watched individuals respond to division with kindness – I observed the Fruit of the Spirit on display every moment of the day. I was learning about Jesus, community and engagement from experts around the world. My presumptions and expectations for this Conference were too small and consequently inaccurate.

Bishop Mark and Monica at Lambeth

Thankfully, my miniature understanding of the Anglican Communion and God’s beautiful world was and is growing. This world is more complex than I think, and our world needs more help than I realise – I am so naive. I need to listen deeper to people, read more, pray harder, and talk less. I wish to reduce my dependency on propaganda and to become more engaged with what is happening worldwide. This Conference encouraged me to have hope and a more profound desire to see everyone flourish worldwide.

Now that the Conference is over; I hope to attend small Bible studies and other groups in our Diocese to share what we learnt at the Conference. Please email Bev at the office if you would like me to visit your group.

Meanwhile, my personal prayer as a result of this Conference is:


Thank you God for the opportunity to attend the Lambeth Conference. Please, God, let justice roll on like a river and righteousness like a never-failing stream. Amos 5:24. Help me in my small way to share the good news of Jesus and how He is the prince of peace who brings us into a relationship with God. Help me to love and care more deeply for others for your sake. And help me to be an even better volunteer for our Diocese. In Jesus’ name. Amen.    
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