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The parish of St Peter’s Weston has become the parish of St Peter’s Weston Molonglo.

The new name was accompanied by an adjustment in the parish boundaries, with the addition of the Molonglo Valley suburbs of Coombs, Wright and Denman Prospect.

The changes formalise a decade-long understanding of St Peter’s missional responsibility to the area.

The rector of St Peter’s, the Reverend Nick Colyer, said, ‘The people of St Peter’s have long had a heart for the Molonglo Valley. This clarifies our responsibility to reach Molonglo residents with the good news of Jesus. And it says to those residents: St Peter’s is a church for you.’

Over the past decade, the Molonglo Valley has been transformed from rolling hills to busy suburbs. It is now home to over 11,000, with a projected population of over 50,000 by 2040.

‘Those people need to hear Jesus’ offer of forgiveness and life,’ Reverend Colyer said. ‘Our dream, God willing, is to see lots of healthy Christian congregations meeting in these suburbs in the coming years— including Anglican ones. We think this is an important step.’

The new parish name echoes changes to other local institutions— the local soccer club has been known as Weston Molonglo Football Club for several years.

The name change and boundary adjustment was agreed to at August’s meeting of Bishop-in-Council.

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