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COVID-19 disrupted many of our clergy spouses’ events in our beautiful Diocese in 2021 and early 2022. This was a shame as excitement about the programmed events had grown; there were quite a few early bookings. Those of us who were organising the events were disappointed about the cancellations.

Mothers’ Union, Bishop Mark Short and Monica Short started sharing ideas of what we could do to bless the people who had booked into a cancelled event. We came up with the idea of blessing packs.

Mark and Monica went shopping for treats. Mothers’ Union donated gift cards for coffee, and Joan and Dorothy from Mothers’ Union started packing picnic bags. Each registered spouse was mailed treats for a picnic to share with their spouse.

Reverend Jason and Meredith Clift from St George’s Pearce enjoying a picnic with their blessing pack.

It was fun to receive thankyous from the spouses – and it seems everyone did something different with their packs. We genuinely wish every spouse in our Diocese to feel loved and appreciated. We pray that spouses will be able to congregate together again soon.

Dear spouses, please lookout for the next round of events. A deep thanks for everything you do for our beautiful Diocese.


by Dr Monica Short
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