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Our delightful Archdeacon to the Deacons, Jane Simmonds, has asked me to share a little of my ministry with my church, Renew Anglican Church, Tuggeranong. There are many things I do as a pastor of Renew, and one thing is leadership development and discipleship in our church family.

Let’s agree: rosters are a hopeless discipleship tool. They’re great for making sure stuff is done in a church – but getting stuff done is only part of our life together. What we need even more than that is a heart shaped and propelled by the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. A vision that large changes serving from duty to delight.

We wondered early on in Renew’s life if there might be a better way to organise members’ service through our gifts – a better way to ‘one another each other’ (c.f. John 13:34, Galatians 6:2, 1 Thessalonians 5:11, 1 Peter 4:9, James 5:16).

So, since Renew launched in March 2017, members of Renew have been part of one, sometimes two, ministry teams. These teams are given the authority and responsibility to improve and grow in their aspect of service for the building up of believers and the inclusion of outsiders.

To this end, I’m working this year to implement coaching inside each of our ministry teams. In January we ran a retreat day for our Leadership Team (including our ministry team leaders) and we worked through some of the leadership training material we’ve learned from the church planting organisation City To City Australia.

In our coaching inside our teams we’re trying to build a culture of serving and growing within a team, rather than only having a mindset of ‘I’m on the roster this week’. We’re trying to build relationships of mutual trust and security in Christ, where feedback is expected and received, and excellence in our service is not about our proving our worth but about God’s glory and showing hospitality to others. Most of all we’re trying to live out the implications of the gospel of grace, thankful that God has brought us together as a church family and given us the opportunity to hold out his transforming love to Tuggeranong.

Please join me in thanking God that Renew is about to celebrate our 4th birthday. I’m praying that personal growth in our members will be aided through coaching within our ministry teams, and that many more people in Tuggeranong will hear of Jesus’ saving love for them.

Anna also works for St Mark’s National Theological Centre, as Course Coordinator of the Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology, and in training and course development. She loves hearing ideas about training that St Mark’s could be doing to help you and your church in your journey following Jesus. Contact St Mark’s if you’d like to chat with her about your ideas.

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