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An advertisement appeared in the latest Newsletter from Friends of St Saviour’s Cathedral, which was an ‘Invitation to a Soup and Sandwich Lunch that Isn’t’. The Soup and Sandwich Lunch has been an annual fund raising event for the Friends, but this year COVID restrictions put a stop to it. The advertisement was an invitation for individual ‘friends’ to host functions of their own.

In response, two friends of St Saviour’s from Wagga Wagga, Elaine Campbell and Ruth Rush, organised an event which, in short was called, ‘The Four P’s’, but in full, better described as, ‘A Pizza, Patty Cake, Plonk and Poetry Luncheon’. Husbands Wes Campbell and Colin Rush also got involved; Wes providing transport, photography skills and support in the patty cake manufacture, while Colin thought it was easier to provide the plonk and poetry rather than walk to Goulburn for a second time.

The Luncheon was held on Saturday 24 October at the home of Ruth and Colin Rush. COVID restrictions placed limits on attendance, but in the end 18 were entertained. It was ‘touch and go’ with the weather at first, with people spread throughout the lounge, dining and family rooms for drinks, nibbles and conversation. Then, although clouds still hovered, the sun shone through at times, so all moved out to the rear Patio overlooking the garden for Pizza, more drinks, entertainment, cakes and caffeine.

Reverend Colin Rush reciting poetry

The entertainment, well, it had a sort of religious link, and the poems ranged across topics including, ‘Not Bloody Golf Again’, ‘A Bush Christening’, ‘Husbands’ and ‘The Revolt of the Lawnmowers’.

Takings for the event were supplemented through sales at a small Trading Table which Ruth and Elaine had set up. When the guests had departed, happy and well satisfied in all departments, the amount deposited in The Friends of St Saviour’s Cathedral Bank Account was $550.00. Not a bad effort!

by Reverend Colin Rush

You can find out more about the Friends of St Saviour’s Cathedral and how you can be involved on the Cathedral website at:

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