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In the crisp, sparkling autumn weather of last Sunday morning, Assistant Bishop the Right Reverend Carol Wagner, resplendent in the traditional cope and mitre, officially re-dedicated historic items of the fabric of St John’s Church, Boorowa.

The recently-restored lych gate and two stained-glass windows of the northern aspect of the church were the chief focus of Bishop Carol’s re-dedication.

The lych gate commemorates local men who lost their lives in WWI; one of the windows was established in the memory of Charles Ludovia and Celia Anne Hume, and the other to John Ovens. All had been regular worshippers at St John’s Church.

Representatives of many local families were present to witness the ceremonies, and attend Holy Communion at which Bishop Carol presided.

Worshippers at St John’s Church on Sunday pass by one of the recently restored windows on their way to receive communion. Both stained glass windows on the northern aspect of the church have now been restored.

Prior to the ceremonies the Chairman of St John’s Parish Council, Roland Walsh, welcomed Bishop Carol and the many visitors. Roland acknowledged the support the church had received during the restoration project, particularly from the Community War Memorials Fund of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Enterprise Foundation of the Bendigo Bank, and a number of generous private donors.

In her sermon, Bishop Carol spoke of the ‘birthday of the church’, Pentecost, which was an occasion in which a small, grieving Christian community was to receive the power by which they were able to achieve great things with God’s assistance.

She said the beginning of the church was made possible by people with whom and through whom God could work to achieve his purpose.

‘We are commanded to go on being filled with the spirit, and to walk day by day with God,’ Bishop Carol said.

Today the church was continuing to work towards greater unity, and to resolve various issues which had the capacity to divide Christendom.

Bishop Carol congratulated the Anglican Church community in Boorowa for their faithfulness and for the energy and determination with which they had approached the task of restoration of historic and valued assets.

Following the re-dedication and Holy Communion services, the gathering enjoyed socialising over morning tea in the Parish Hall.

by Derrick Mason

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