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A strong Christian faith, which governs her outlook on life, and her work as local school counsellor, were the main topics chosen by Sorubi Thavaratnam for her recent talk to a Boorowa Combined Churches’ dinner.

Sri Lankan-born Sorubi told her audience that it was her hope that her life might be an ‘expression of worship’. She grew up in a family of Sri Lankan Tamils in a multi-religious country dominated by Buddhism.

Sorubi’s experience of life and faith has been enriched by living with her family in countries as diverse as Nigeria and Wales!

Although she admits to asking ‘where is Boorowa,’ when she first received her posting, Sorubi now says that living, and making friends, there has been ‘a beautiful experience’. In addition to her counselling duties, Sorubi hopes to gain accreditation as a lay-minister in the local Anglican Church.

She said that her job as a counsellor required her to often meet people who were in a most raw and vulnerable mental condition. Sorubi is hopeful that more might be done to improve access for more people to have the benefit of psychological assessment. It is planned that the local Anglican Church might be able to assist by making facilities available for this work to be carried out on a regular basis.

Reaching out to local children and their families is a task which can have very beneficial results.

‘I hope we can work towards a vibrant church community, as most people are open to God in some way.’

Sorubi indicated that planning included turning the now-disused tennis courts at St John’s Church into a ‘Kindness Garden,’ where local residents might find peace, contentment and fulfilment.

Already there has been considerable support for the project, particularly from local schools.

‘It may take as long as 12 months to get the garden off the ground. There will be a job for everyone!’

Sorubi’s talk provoked a positive response from her audience, with many indicating strong approval for a counselling programme directed by someone with a practical Christian faith background.

by Derrick Mason

Photo above: Guest speaker Sorubi Thavaratnam with Ron Hoile and Catholic Deacon Patrick Whale at the recent combined churches’ dinner at Boorowa. Sorubi spoke of her Christian faith and her work as a school counsellor.

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