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Monday September 12th was an exciting day at Covenant Care, as we finally managed to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with the community. VIP guests from the Legislative Assembly, Canberra Southern Cross Club (CSCC), previous Holy Covenant and Holistic Care Nursing Ministry (HCNM) staff, and families of previous clients and previous volunteers joined with the current clients, volunteers and HCNM staff for a time of sharing, reminiscing and expressing hope for the future. (And of course, there was a delicious lunch as well.)

Covenant Care was promoted to the visitors through displays of some of the clients’ artwork, as well as a new banner. Mr Bob Arthur spoke about the history of Covenant Care – how this ministry came into being and how it continues to provide a unique service in supporting both clients and their carers.

Archdeacon Anne Ranse spoke with passion of the work of the Covenant Care volunteers and the role of faith in this ministry. She also read a touching letter from Senator Katy Gallagher, who formally opened Covenant Care ten years ago in her then role as ACT Chief Minister.

Reverend Dr Wayne Brighton presented certificates and medals to volunteers who have remained with Covenant Care throughout this ten year journey, and certificates for staff and volunteers who have made significant contributions over an extended period. (If you are someone who has been with Covenant Care from the beginning and you missed out, please let the HCNM team know! Our volunteer records aren’t as detailed as we might like.)

Minister Yvette Berry (representing the Chief Minister) spoke from the heart about her family experience of caring for her grandmother during the end of her life, and the challenges this presents. She was joined in cutting the cake by Ian MacKay from CSCC. (The club has been providing free lunches to Covenant Care for many years.)

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible, particularly Rhonda Thorpe (previous HCNM Program Manager), Archdeacon Anne Ranse, Bob Arthur, Pauline Nicholson, Sue Jordan and Lyn Pascoe (RN). The Covenant Care community and the HCNM team thank God for the blessings that Covenant Care has provided and received across the last ten years, and look forward to the next decade of Covenant Care’s journey.

About Covenant Care

Covenant Care opened in 2012 and is a wonderful example of the gospel in action. Most terminally-ill people want to remain in their own home to their last days. The support provided by Covenant Care Day Hospice helps make this possible.

Covenant Care Day Hospice offers ‘A Day with a Difference’ for those in our community with a life-limiting illness. It also allows carers to have a day off to catch up on outstanding matters or take some time out to relax. The onsite nurse and cheerful volunteers ensure that the clients and carers know they are in good hands and will be well entertained and cared for while attending the program.

In 2014, the ACT Volunteer of the Year Award for the ‘Community Care and Health’ category was awarded to Covenant Care Volunteers.


Archdeacon Anne Ranse (she/ her), ph 0406 379 599, email

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by Megan Watts, Program Manager, Holistic Care Nursing Ministries
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