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Braidwood Parish’s new Priest-in-Charge was commissioned on Saturday, 22nd of August, in St Andrew’s, Braidwood. With COVID restrictions carefully observed, members of the parish and community gathered to welcome the Reverend Rick Lewis and pray for him as he was commissioned in his new role.

Rick’s role is quite specific. He has been commissioned as an ‘enabler’ for the term of his appointment. In addition to providing pastoral and sacramental ministry, Rick will work with the people to enable them to transition to a different model of ministry – one which is led by the lay people in the parish. In this model, lay leaders will lead worship, provide pastoral care and minister to the wider community. Sacramental ministry will be provided by a visiting priest rather than a resident priest. An important part of Rick’s role will be to help the people of the parish identify and develop their gifts, so that they will be equipped in their various ministries.

It is an exciting and challenging chapter for the parish and one which may provide inspiration for other small rural centres. Please keep the parish and their emerging leaders in your prayers as they seek to honour God, minister to their church and share the love and truth of Jesus with those in their community.

by Bishop Carol Wagner


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