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On the weekend of 1-2 May, Bishop Mark and Monica visited the Parish of Cootamundra. On Saturday morning they attended the mainly music reunion. Both joined in with the songs and actions and interacted with the kids and carers that attended the event. Fun and games for all.

Bishop Mark shared that he is visiting every parish and it was much to the delight of the Cootamundra Parish to have them with us.

On Saturday evening both Bishop Mark and Monica spoke at a parish dinner. Beautiful table decorations and a great sense of community was the platform for the engaging talk on the mission and vision of the diocese: ‘Low fences and deep watering holes.’ The imagery was very encouraging and recognisable in a rural parish where there are many sheep. Bishop Mark’s words resonated with our strategic plan and our prayers for people to come to faith in Jesus.

At both Sunday services, the 9am traditional and 11:15am family service, Bishop Mark preached on Acts 8:26-40, challenging us with ‘Are we are on a mission from God or a mission with God?’ Mark’s closing words were: ‘Mission is recognising that God has a plan, and that he graciously invites us to join in with what he’s already doing. May God bless you in the wonderful adventure of being on mission, not just for Him, but with Him.’

by Reverend Yvonne Gunning

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