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Good things can be even better when we do them together.

Next year, our Diocese will be participating together in three seasons of focussed engagement to help us better understand our shared call to mission.

The first season, of study, will take place during Lent – from February 17 to March 29. During this time members of the Diocese will be encouraged to understand their setting for mission by engaging with Scripture. The Diocesan Public Issues Commission has prepared a set of studies for this purpose. God of Compassion is a six-week study which looks at what God has to tell us about compassion in the public sphere: for those in our parish, in our Anglican communion, nationally and inter-generationally. Some key themes include: aged care, reconciliation with First Peoples, inequality, climate change, refugees and asylum seekers. The study booklet can be downloaded electronically free of charge or ordered in hard copy for a small fee at www. governance/bishop-in-council/ public-issues-commission/god-of-compassion-a-lenten-journey.

The second season, of prayer, will be from Easter to Ascension Day – from April 4 to May 13. During this time members of the Diocese will be encouraged to seek power for mission by engaging with God in prayer. The Reverend Steve Nation has been engaged by the Bishop’s Office to prepare resources for this season. Steve has already written an excellent resource in the book A Call to Extraordinary Prayer: Recharging your Prayer Life through the Book of Acts (Christian Focus Publications, 2017).

The third season, of mission, will be from Pentecost and beyond – from May 23 until Jesus returns! During this time members of the Diocese will be encouraged to engage in God’s mission by sharing the love and truth of Jesus. Bishop Mark and the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Canberra- Goulburn, Christopher Prowse, have commissioned a team to facilitate the uptake of Alpha courses across our churches as one expression of our desire to reach people for Jesus.

Bishop Mark says details of further activities will be made available as the year unfolds. ‘We will be working to share resources and ideas as widely as possible, recognising that Parishes, ministry units, schools and agencies will also develop their own initiatives. Please join with me in praying that we will be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to glorify our God and Saviour in all that we do.’

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