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Small groups in our beautiful Anglican Diocese are resuming meeting face to face again. It is lovely to see people’s precious faces and handsome smiles. God is good. Bishop Mark and Monica’s exciting news is – on the 7th June 2020, the Holt group ‘Jesus, A Friend For All’ was their highly honoured guests at their home for a barbie and an afternoon of Jenga. In advance, Mark looked at their house plans and worked out how many people could come in one sitting and how to position the chairs to maintain the social distancing rules. In response, JAFFA split into two groups. One group visited from noon till 1 pm and the other 1.15 pm till 3 pm.

For the foodies interested in the menu, we started with gluten and dairy-free dips and crackers. Mark barbequed gluten-free sausages, minute steak and prawn skewers; Monica made the salads; and Lea’s delicious homemade apple pie, ice creams and fruit followed. The lunch ended with prayer and a Bible reading – Psalms 148. A joyful afternoon they imbued with laughter. Thank you, JAFFA for being heroes and gently stepping us out of isolation. Bless you.

by Monica Short

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