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In the first office morning-tea gathering since the pandemic, Anglican Diocesan Services (ADS) staff farewelled Chief Information Officer Vince Dove after 20 years of service, with speeches, gifts, much gratitude for his wonderful contribution and every blessing for his retirement.

Vince has shared some history and a reflection of his time with ADS:

‘I began working for the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn in 2002 as an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) contractor. At that time, Anglicare Youth and Family Services head office was based in Cowper St Goulburn and had an IT network consisting of two computers connected via Coaxial cable.

‘The IT department grew from two to four technicians. We were tasked with joining all Anglicare Youth and Family Services separate geographical sites into one connected network, with around 12 offices and 120 staff. As a contractor, I stabilised and grew the network to one server and 40 workstations. Shortly after completing this work, I applied for and successfully gained the Network Administrator role.

‘In 2008, Anglicare Youth and Family services merged with Anglican Retirement Community Services, doubling the number of seats and locations the newly formed network was charged to support, and I was promoted to the ICT manager. My ICT team grew from four to five technicians, we commenced the work of joining five aged-care facilities to the broader network. My staff base increased to seven technicians.

‘The ICT team has grown from one tech in 2002 to its current, highly-skilled team of 17. In 2013, the Anglican Diocesan Services (ADS) was formed at the request of Bishop-in-Council. The ICT team and functions were transferred and tasked with supporting (where necessary) Diocesan Education, youth, family, disability, homelessness, youth homelessness, ageing, the AIDF, Bishops Office and our Boards and Committees. We assumed the support roles for St Peters Anglican College in Broulee and Sapphire Coast Anglican College in Bega. We commissioned all the ICT required to start a new school at Googong and, most recently, a full Service Level Agreement with The Riverina Anglican College in Wagga.

The highlight of my time with the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn has been the knowledge that the ICT team is one of the ADS back-office services that support the mission of our Diocese. When I stop and consider the amazing things we all do for the people of our Diocese I can’t help but be excited for us. I wonder where we will be in five years.

‘As I contemplate my retirement, I realise none of our achievements would be possible without the work of Bishop-in-Council and the Bishops’ Office. Being a part of an organisation with Christ at its core gives us all sure knowledge we are all in accord with his teachings.’

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