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What do you do when thrust into unimagined upheaval, distress and uncertainty. During 2020 an idea was born at St Simon’s Kaleen of sharing something of our journeys through these ‘unprecedented’ times.

So making a ‘2020 and Onwards’ wall hanging of patches was explored and advertised. Many parishioners responded to the invitation to create a 15x15cm patch that told something of their own experiences, together with a written explanation. Adding written phrases of the whole of Psalm 23 throughout the Hanging encourages us with the perfect promises of God’s presence, salvation and upholding of each of our lives, into eternity.

There was a huge variety in the way the patches were constructed – painting, embroidery, appliqué, collage, photography, jigsaw puzzle – and in the images produced.

An accompanying Journal has been compiled with a photo of the Wall Hanging and a numbered graph which guides the reader to each of the written stories. Stories full of heartfelt memories, challenges, community and especially the hope that takes us beyond fear. Stories that shed tears.

The Journal also includes several front pages of our weekly ‘pewsheet’ of particular dates: the last Sunday before 2020 lockdown, Zoom services, re-opening Sunday in July 2020 and the ongoing 2021 closing and re-opening activities.

Pages will be added of the signatures of all people who are part of the St Simon’s church community, to be remembered in personal ways.

It is hoped that the Wall Hanging will allow people to reflect, meditate, even be inspired, as we continue this emotional journey together.

St Simon’s re-opened for in-person services on Sunday 14 November 2022 after the recent lockdown, with a slightly belated celebration of St Simon’s Day and the unveiling of the Wall Hanging and Journal.

The project was co-ordinated by Trish Lord and Robyn Body.


Story provided by Robyn Body  
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