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For the past three years I have been working in Youth ministry, with kids between year 4 (primary school) and year 12 (Highschool). Each Friday from 5.30pm–7.30pm of School terms we get up to 30 kids meeting, as we share a meal together, play some games or do other activities and then enter a God spot where we learn many topics of the bible, life and how to be disciples of Christ in our broken world.

We all know the old saying ‘never work with animals or kids’. Well my response to that is … I love working with kids! Don’t get me wrong, it is an absolute challenge at times and those challenges stretch you, but for the most part it’s an absolute blessing.

I’m so excited, as newly appointed National Director of SOMA Australia, to now be organising a youth mission trip to Vietnam with SOMA. In November this year, eight of us will be travelling to Hanoi, Vietnam, to share in ministry with a small Anglican church called Church of the True Light, share our faith walks as young people and join with their young people to practically serve a small community of Vietnam.

As we take the light of Christ with us from Australia and meet the light of Christ in our brothers and sisters of Vietnam, I have no doubt that God’s blessings will be overflowing and we will see great growth in our young team. Please keep us in your prayers – Liz, Shaina, Edwina, Clara, Lauchie, Emma, Jayden & Tilly.

by Reverend Liz Rankin
Deacon, Batemans Bay
National Director, SOMA