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St Simon’s, Kaleen, has been supporting an interesting outreach program to seafarers run by The Mission to Seafarers at Port Hedland, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

The program seeks to provide beanies to sailors on large iron ore carriers who shuttle from China to Port Hedland and back every month.

They experience sub-zero temperatures while sailing to China at this time of year, sometimes as much as 40 degrees below zero. They are itinerant sailors from Sri Lanka, the Philippines, China, Korea, etc and are not highly paid or provided with all-weather gear suitable for cold conditions.

We have a friend, Garry South, who is The Mission to Seafarers Port Chaplain at Port Hedland, and together with his wife Kathy they collect sailors off boats for 24-hour shore leave.

We were able to obtain a donation of 240 beanies from Lion Nathan Brewing and ladies at St Simon’s have knitted 24 beanies. So far we have distributed 80 beanies to sailors, who are delighted with them (see photo).

by Rick Lord

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