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The Episcopal Election Nominations Committee is preparing for the Electoral Synod to be held from 8 to 10 November. It has recently met with the Prospective Nominees and is now preparing an information package on each Nominee for confidential distribution to Synod members prior to the meeting. The package will include the Episcopal Selection Criteria, which were prepared by the Committee after consultations around the Diocese and an online survey.

At the September Synod, in preparation for the decision they will make in November, Synod members broke into groups to discuss the Selection Criteria and to assess the weight they would give to each of the 24 Criteria on a scale of 1 to 10. Three criteria were given weights of 9.0 or more. These were:

  • to encourage and enable the ministry of women and men in lay and ordained ministry within the life of the church,
    including to the three orders of ordained ministry;
  • to develop teams of leaders, delegating effectively, and being collaborative, supportive and strategic; and
  • to be a person of prayer, whose spirituality arises from engagement with God’s Word and who relies on the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for their salvation, daily life, and future.

Please continue in prayer during the next month for God’s guidance and wisdom in the choice to be made. A bible study and. other resources prepared by the EENC are available on the Diocesan website .

by Canon Robert Arthur