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Paul Baxter

Although challenged to go into full time theological studies and present himself for ordained ministry in the late 60’s, under God’s guidance, Paul believed that at that time he was being led into a full-time role within the public sector and business community as an economic consultant and business advisor. This role took him to many parts of the globe and into a ministry for the Lord that extended beyond his home church.

Throughout his career Paul has been fully supported by Robyn, his wife for nearly 49 years, and together they have raised two delightful daughters who in turn (and with their respective husbands) have each blessed their parents with three grandchildren.

Paul has been involved in a wide range of ministries in the Canberra Goulburn Diocese, from teaching Sunday school at St John’s, Reid, to being a foundation member of St James, Holt, an active participant in the early Alpha courses in Canberra, and team member of multiple Cursillo weekends. He has also been a member of the Audit Committees of the Canberra/ Goulburn and Sydney Dioceses, inaugural Chair of Anglicare CG Board, and Board member of Scripture Union ACT.

More recently, Paul has been a foundation member of F5 Ministries centred on Goulburn and surrounding areas. It is to this role as joint pastor of F5, that Paul (and Robyn) believe they have been called to minister in an ordained role. Paul can testify to the calling of God in his life, and that now is the right time to take up the mantle of an ordained position within the church.

Robyn Baxter

Robyn, originally from Sydney, became a Christian at the Billy Graham Crusade. In her church she was very well grounded in strong biblical teaching and also through courses at Moore College.

Robyn and her husband, Paul, have been in Canberra for 48 years and have a wonderful family comprised of two daughters, Kara and Jaala, and six grandchildren. They been very much part of the changing Anglican church in our diocese and were founding members of St James Holt. At St James Robyn was firstly involved in ministry with children and young people, and then in Cursillo, the Alpha course and the healing and prayer ministry. She has run prayer seminars and trained prayer teams in many parishes both in the ACT and NSW. Robyn helped establish and run two very large, successful playgroups at St James and for many years was part of the preaching team and music ministry.

She worked firstly as a teacher, Workplace Trainer then as a Counsellor/Family Therapist where she worked with clergy across many denominations. During the 2003 bushfires Robyn helped and counselled many people and clergy who had suffered great loss and heartbreak.

Robyn’s great passion is to encourage Christians to know God in a very personal way; to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives and to know healing and wholeness. She is part of the foundational team for the F5 church and F10, where a wonderful, diverse group of people are learning to grow together in their Christian walk, caring for each other. She and Paul are joint chaplains in charge of the F5 ministries.

Sally Cullen

Sally grew up on a farm in Laggan, a small community in the Crookwell Parish. As part of an active Christian family she has experienced a wide range of styles of worship, Christian Communities and Christian music from hymns to hard rock. For many years she has worked in a variety of roles especially teaching and tutoring much under the banner of her own business. All of which has suited her for the role of Rural Chaplain to the communities of Binda, Bigga and Markdale which requires plenty of tent-making in addition to services and SRE.

God is particularly gracious in that this ordination is on the 25th anniversary of women being ordained priest in this Diocese, a topic that Sally was speaking passionately about in her year 11 classroom at the time. One of her great joys has been the friendship and mentoring of many amazing women of faith including some of those same pioneer women priests.

Sally lives in Crookwell and spends her Sundays at one of the three centres in the morning and F5 in Goulburn at night as part of the Governance Team. Her car is her second home and her current preoccupation is planning the inaugural Binda Community Carols on the Flat for Saturday the 9th of December.

Graeme Dunn

Graeme was born in 1947 in Newcastle and is married to Kathy (47 years) and has three adult children Michelle, Steven and Bradley and 8 grandchildren.  Once married they moved to Lake Macquarie where Graeme was instrumental in planting a worship centre at Valentine, a small village on Lake Macquarie.

Graeme and Kathy were appointed manager/caretakers of Camp Yondaio, the Diocesan Youth Camp south of Newcastle in late 1987.  Graeme’s employment saw the family move to Goulburn in 1992 where they settled into parish life at St Saviours Cathedral.  Graeme served as a Server, Eucharistic Assistant, Lay Reader, Dean’s Warden and Cathedral Warden.

For the past seven years Graeme and Kathy have worshipped at Christ Church, West Goulburn. Graeme’s ministry at West Goulburn is bearing fruit with a programme of home and nursing home visiting.  He has also joined the Pastoral Care Unit at Goulburn Base Hospital.  Graeme is passionate about caring for the aged, sick and the lonely.

Graeme’s call to the ordained ministry followed many years of seeking, and a profound vision in September 2016 in which God clearly directed him on his future journey.

Peter Dyke

Peter was born and raised near Brighton in the UK. Over the years Peter has worked as a Social Worker in the North of England, managed the London SPCK shop and served as Chair of the Christian Booksellers Group. He trained at the University of Warwick to become a counsellor and later, a Registered Psychotherapist, employed by not-for-profit Christian community agencies and in

independent practice. Peter is currently Convenor of the local branch of counsellors.

Coming from a Christian (Anglican) family, Peter’s faith emerged as a teenager and continues to grow through life’s challenges. He has been involved in church leadership wherever he has worshipped, serving on parish councils, being Treasurer, and taking his part on the usual rosters.  He completed his ministry training with the dioceses of Oxford and Coventry, becoming a Reader in the Church of England in 2007.

The twin themes of wholeness and community have characterised Peter’s spiritual life and Christian service.  He was co-founder and Treasurer of the Lancaster Alcohol Advice Centre, a community initiative of the local churches. More recently Peter has delivered counselling and training services to community centres in Adelaide. He serves as Treasurer of the Suicide Prevention Awareness Network – Queanbeyan Inc., a new community initiative working towards becoming a charity.

The theme of wholeness is currently expressed through his practice of psychotherapy, pastoral counselling, reflective practice, spiritual direction and professional supervision. Peter looks forward to a renewed expression of this theme and his passion after Ordination.

Peter is married to Elizabeth. They have three adult children and five grandchildren, all living in the UK. His hobbies include nature photography, walking and cycling.

Tim Hall

Tim has ministered in a variety of ministry contexts in NSW, Qld and most recently at Gungahlin Anglican Church in the northern suburbs of the ACT, where he currently serves as an Associate Minister with the Forde congregation. Tim loves seeing people’s lives transformed by the good news about Jesus and loves using any means at his disposal – music, preaching, and one-to-one discipleship – to help people understand this truth.

Tim has been married to Fiona for 12 years, and has four children: Micah (7), Evangeline (5), Jemima (2) and Esther (1). Spare time doesn’t exist, but if Tim did have spare time, you would find him in his home recording studio, out for a run, or enjoying a ride on his motorbike.

Peter Kuot

Peter Kuot is South Sudanese by birth and now an Australian citizen and has a son, Kuot and daughter Arach.  Peter came to faith as a child and in his teens he began to minister with others at a small church on the banks of the Nile, Sudan, where he also worked as a fisherman.  While he was in Sudan he trained as a lay evangelist in Pator parish.  In 2001 while Peter was in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya he ministered as an evangelist and worked with youth and children.

On coming to Australia in 2006 Peter continued in lay ministry at St George’s Pearce.  He became the lay leader of the South Sudanese congregation at St Philip’s O’Connor in 2011 as a result of a civil war in South Sudan which affected the community at St George’s Pearce.

In 2015 Peter and the Dinka congregation moved to St Paul’s, Ginninderra due to the growing needs of the congregation.  Peter took on the role of Deacon in charge of the South Sudanese Anglican Ministry.  Peter ministers to the young and adult Dinka people who have been traumatized by the war and to those who are not sure about their true God, as South Sudanese people.

Peter’s vision is to share Christian faith and values, to celebrate the Kingdom of God, to spread the Gospel and equip and empower Christians by the Holy Spirit. As a Church leader along with the members of the Body of Christ, we need to work hard so that we develop a healthy community that lives right with God, enjoys fellowship with each other; treating each other with dignity and honour. The hope is that by recognizing the gifts and the knowledge of the Holy Spirit there can be real fellowship between believers.

Peter is looking forward to facilitating the work of God in good faith and bringing disconnected people to the house of God and to integrate the Dinka people into the Australian community and Christian faith.

John Kuruvilla

Born and brought up in a Christian family, John came to a decision to follow Christ at the age of 16, through one of his Sunday school teachers. He was nurtured in his Christian walk by the ancient Mar Thoma Church, a reformed wing of the Indian Church, which is in full communion with the Anglican Churches, world-wide. In relation to work, John has lived and worked in 5 different countries. Wherever John went, he either established fellowships or became active in Churches and Ecumenical Christian organisations, always showing Christ to others. Trained as an Electrical Engineer, John worked in as many industries before resigning to study Theology at St Marks in 2012. Since then, he took a degree in Theology, an Advance Diploma in Ministry & Theology and is currently pursuing a Post Graduate degree in Christian Ministry through CSU. Along with his passion for ministry, John works for Canberra Institute of Technology as a part time teacher.

John had the privilege of working as a Youth Leader, Sunday school teacher, Lay Leader, Bible teacher etc. since his youth. In 2008, he had the opportunity to work alongside some other believers to establish a Mar Thoma congregation in Canberra. It was through two of his professors at St Marks (who later became Bishops) that John began his discernment process, which culminates today in this ordination.

John is married to Molly, who loves to cook and cater to anyone who drops in to their home. They have 3 adult children who are married and blessed with two grandchildren. John and Molly are working on a new project called Spice of life blending John’s love for evangelism and Molly’s culinary skills.

John is worshipper at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in Kambah and he will continue his ministry in this parish after his ordination, as Assistant Priest. John can be heard on 1Way FM radio every Sunday at 4pm to 5 pm on Faith & Culture programme.

Tony McLennan

Tony McLennan launches evangelistic initiatives throughout Australia and the Canberra-Goulburn Diocese through The Australia For Jesus Network which he co-founded with a team of Christians. A graduate of the Royal Military College, Duntroon, Tony ran Business Alpha throughout Australia and formed Business Life to foster the Gospel in the workplace. Tony is involved with The Navigator Business and Professional Ministry. He runs Bringing Others to Jesus seminars across Australia and New Zealand for churches to encourage soul winners for Christ in churches. His book, The God Revolution, has been published in video form and released through Vision Christian Media –  Tony and his wife, Marie-Louise, are blessed with four wonderful sons and a daughter and nine grandchildren.

Tim Purser

Timothy Purser grew up in Canberra. He finished his schooling at Radford College in 2002 before leaving Canberra to study Commerce and Law at the University of New England, Armidale. He was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW and practiced as a lawyer before completing his theological degree in Sydney. While in Sydney, he worked for four years as a Lay Stipendiary Minister at St John’s, Kirribilli. It was there that he met his wife Elaine.  They were married in 2015 and moved back to Canberra in 2016 to begin work as the assistant minister at Good Shepherd Anglican Church, Curtin. Tim oversees the afternoon service. His ministry passions include evangelism, preaching, discipling leaders within the church and innovation in ministry.

Recently, Tim and Elaine have welcomed their first child, Anita, into the world. Tim’s new hobbies include changing nappies, giving cuddles and having crawling races! When he’s not doing these things he loves good food, travelling, reading, sport and spending time with close friends.

Ruth Walton

Ruth grew up in Birmingham in the UK, moving to Cheltenham after graduating from university where she married Lee and together they raised four amazing children.  The family emigrated to Australia in January 2000; it was hard saying goodbye to old friends, but the sense of adventure and God’s call was tangible.  It was a decision that they have never regretted.

Ruth’s earliest memories focus on a happy family and supportive church both of which nurtured her Christian faith and encouraged Ruth to be actively involved in ministry from an early age.  This foundation has underpinned her approach to life ever since.  Wherever God has led her she has thrown herself into building His kingdom in that place, taking every opportunity both within the church and community to bring the good news of the Kingdom.

The journey to ordained ministry has been long and full of twists and turns!  Ruth was aware of a call of God on her life as an eight year old child and has been exploring that call ever since.  Since moving to Burra in 2007 Ruth has been part of a leadership team that is seeking to establish a new church community in Googong Township, a new housing development just over the hill from Burra.  It is largely through this activity that she has been challenged to reconsider the call received as a child and actively seek God’s will concerning ordination.

Ruth is passionate to see others connect with the living God and to see His kingdom established in the here and now.  This is always her focus, whether at work, home or overtly operating in a church context.  She is excited to see the new opportunities that will result from ordination to the priesthood.

Many thanks to Brad Nichol – Zero One Imaging – for the photos.

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