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Ben Paton is the next new thing – really a person! – for Synergy Youth and Children’s Ministry. With Andrew Edwards stepping into a part-time role with Synergy in order to pursue an additional ministry, the Board of Synergy has employed Ben as part-time Co-Director.

Ben has had extensive experience with camping and youth leadership through the Scouts movement; he has run his own business and he has played a very active role in the Anglican Basement Ministry led by Archdeacon Wayne Brighton, since Ben moved from Newcastle to Canberra in 2011. In that ministry unit he has been a service leader, preacher, churchwarden, synod representative and leader of all age worship. While in Newcastle he belonged to a traditional parish where he was a lay minister, warden and parish council member. He is currently undertaking a theological degree, in the part of his time not dedicated to Synergy. Ben’s participation in Fresh Expressions, growing up in a Uniting Church family and studying at non-Anglican university has brought him into contact with many parts of the church. This gives him a strong appreciation for diverse faith expression and worship traditions in the Christian church.

Ben is a lover of the great outdoors. He started with bushwalking and is now into cross country skiing. He loves water sports and sailing and from time to time his Laser can be seen skimming Lake Burley Griffin. For informal down time at home he enjoys relaxing with his kids playing backyard cricket or football. Ben has had extensive community involvement and is currently President of Make Hack Void – Canberra’s community maker space, a community workshop that brings people together in all sorts of collaborative creations, including carpentry, metal work, electronics, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Ben also enjoys vege-ing out with dumb movies and still finds a fraction of time to give to creative historical re-enactments. Beware of Ben in Viking mode!

Ben is married to Caitlin, who brought him first to faith and second to Canberra, when the family moved for her position with the Public Service Commission. They have two boys and three girls, aged 16 to 4 years old.

We look forward to the commitment, ministry skills and new insights that Ben will bring to Synergy as he works alongside Andrew Edwards to create spaces where young people can meet Jesus. To contact Ben email And keep your eye on the Synergy website! Footnote: If you are interested in joining the Board of Synergy please contact the chairperson, Ruth Edwards, on

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