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After a break of two years the Spirit 2019 conference was held in Batemans Bay at the Anglican Church on Friday and Saturday 13–14 September.

Ken Fish from Kingdom Fire Ministries, who had previously spoken at Spirit 2014, returned and taught on the theme of the Spirit Empowered Church. He had ministered at Cootamundra immediately prior to the Spirit conference and we started with a real sense of momentum and expectation, which God moved in powerfully to bless and encourage us all.

Just over 100 attended allowing us to have quite an intimate experience of God’s presence and for all those wanting ministry to be prayed for.  While most of the attendees came from the South Coast, Canberra and the Southern Highlands others travelled from as far away as Perth to join us, so hungry were they for a touch of God’s presence.

It was a privilege to pray with people and to see God heal some physically, affirm and encourage many spiritually and to set several captives free. I found watching Ken minister and teach and encourage others to pray very useful in helping me to improve my skills in this ministry area – although on at least one occasion it felt as though I had come to an elephant hunt armed only with a popgun. Ken stepped in to pray for one person and they received a major blessing as he brought to bear his years of experience together with God’s direction. This reminds me that there is wisdom in knowing our gifts and our limits and always a need to refine our skills by regular practice.

by The Reverend Doug Newman

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