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Holy Covenant Jamison has established a new outreach ministry called SHOVEL.

SHOVEL is a community with a common interest in nurturing the resources that God has given us. We are doing this by growing our own food, using sustainable practices.

Anyone with an interest in sustainable gardening is welcome to join us, regardless of gardening experience and knowledge. We are particularly inviting neighbours living in units who may not have a space to garden, refugees and people with a disability to join our community.

Members can share in the harvest of the vegetables we grow together in our community plots and/or can rent their own plot for a small annual fee. 

On 19 January we braved the heat to construct our first beds. The beds are raised, with wide paths to facilitate easy access.

We will meet monthly to share a meal together and to learn more about gardening in Canberra.

For more information or to join SHOVEL, contact

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