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On 24 November the Parish of Braidwood had a special service to thank the Reverend Des McGuire and Tania McGuire for their service to the Parish over the past seven years, as Des is now finally retiring from parish ministry.

It was evident throughout the service and parish lunch  how deeply both Des and Tania have connected with the people of Braidwood and surrounds.

Des and Tania wearing one of their gifts from the Parish – a stole and scarf made by members of the congregation – including the painting of the silk!

There were a number of heartfelt testimonials that spoke to the depth of love and appreciation felt by members of the Parish. With Des’s mission and commitment to empowering the congregation, the Parish is better equipped than it’s ever been, to meet the challenges of being church in the 21st century.

by Jane Carmody
Chair, Braidwood Parish Council

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