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With the district still parched the Temora Christian groups recently conducted a special service last Friday to pray for rain.

The call to prayer was organised after the idea was brought up at a Temora Parish Council meeting.

‘I then took it to the Temora Christian Leaders group who were keen to come on board,’ Anglican warden Sue Pike said.

The effect of the drought has been an all-consuming topic among parishioners of all faiths.

‘It wasn’t a huge crowd attending but the message on the night was truly powerful,’ Mrs Pike said.

‘We prayed not only for Temora farmers, but the wider community affected by drought and those in other areas who are doing it much worse than us,’ she said.

The prayer session was open by Salvation Army Officer Caleb Smith and the oration was given by Lutheran Minister Darren Kupke.

Locum minister, Rob Donald, also took part in the proceedings.

It was hoped the gathering together for a common purpose might have benefits beyond the faithful.

‘We wanted to give community members and opportunity to be a part of the service even if they didn’t want to be involved in the prayers. They were able to just sit and absorb it,’ Mrs Pike said.

‘We want those affected by drought in any way to know that there is someone there for them, if they just want to talk and have someone really listen to them,’ she said.

Participants were able to write their own prayers onto paper raindrops before each prayer was offered up as a group.

The raindrop prayers were then attached to the cross in the Temora Church Hall. This cross reaches a height of around three metres and is constructed of panels from a former pulpit.

Since the prayer session 17mm has been recorded, bringing the monthly total so far to 24.4mm with more rain forecast.

NB. This article is modified from an article that appeared in the Temora Independent on 19 October 2018.

Food collected by St Paul’s, Temora, to help farmers suffering from the drought.