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It’s funny how time seems to both move at an incredible pace yet also be standing still! That’s certainly how I feel as my time as Director of Synergy Youth and Children comes to a close.

The past six and a half years have been an incredible God-led journey serving Synergy and the Diocese. Working with young people, running camps, leadership development and discipleship were all on my ‘list’ of ideal activities.

God, by His grace, called me to a role where my experience and passion would be well-utilised and I would continue to follow His calling on my life.

There have been many highlights and some difficult times. The loss of our campsite at Wambiri in 2018 was difficult, as was having to cancel Summer camps in January 2020 due to the bushfires. Having a growing camp ministry and struggling to find leaders has always been a challenge as has the constant increase in costs.

My highlights all include the amazing young (and not-as-young) people I’ve been blessed to serve alongside during my time as Director. To serve alongside amazing people who are willing to give of their time, resources and abilities to run a camp, lead a group and share Jesus with young people is amazing. To see young people come to know Jesus is always amazing, you just can’t beat it!

One memorable moment was on my very first Winter Camp. At lunchtime, the campers snuck up on me and recreated a viral video by polishing the top of my bald head singing ‘shine bright like a diamond’. Funnily enough, I remember doing something very similar to a bald leader when I was a teenager! I had come full circle and right there I knew I had made it; I was one of them, part of the group.

I have never worked with a more committed group of people who are dedicated to seeing young people reached for Jesus as I have with Synergy. To all the Leaders, Volunteers and Board Members – thank you! You have made a difference; you have helped many young people and children come to know Jesus and I will miss you. I’m excited to see where God will lead Synergy under the leadership of Ben Paton. He is certainly the right person for the job!

As for me, I’ve been serving part-time as the Associate Pastor at Woden Valley Alliance Church in Canberra for the past 12 months and will continue to serve there for as long as God calls me. Young people are longing for people who will invest in them, share life with them and encourage them. Friends, now more than ever, let’s continue to create spaces where young people can be known by us, where we can share the love of Jesus with them and help them know the One who loves them completely.

It has been an enormous privilege and blessing to serve as Synergy Director. Thank you for all your support and may you continue to grow in your relationship with Jesus!

Andrew Edwards

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