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G’day, I’m Gus. I’m married to Christy and together we have four great kids – Lochie, 12; Mini, 10; Jo, 8; and Dean, 6.

I became a Christian in Armidale while studying teaching. I met Christy in the local supermarket. When I went to collect her for our first date I noticed a Bible open on her table. I asked if she was a Christian. She said, ‘Yes. Are you?’ I had been to youth group enough during high school to know a Christian might not go out with a non-Christian, so I decided to lie and said I was! ‘Sure’, I thought, ‘I’ll be whatever you want me to be!’

Christy then invited me to come along to her church. A short time later I did become a Christian. While looking at 1 Corinthians 15, I realised that if someone came back to life from the dead, then I would listen to them. I was convinced that Jesus died for me, the resurrection had really happened and I needed to take what Jesus had to say seriously.

Christy and I were married a couple of years later. Not too long after that, Christy was working as a nurse and myself as a primary school teacher when an opportunity arose for us to move to Scotland. We spent five years away, working during the winters and travelling during the summers. While we were on the move we often struck up friendships with other travellers and had great conversations. Time and again people asked us questions about God. One new friend looked at all the poverty around us in Africa and said to me, ‘Gus, where is your God in all this?’ Christy and I felt that our answers were true but unconvincing to those without faith. God grew in us a strong desire to study the Bible. ‘If the gospel is really the answer to all the pain and suffering in the world’, we thought, ‘then we really should know more about it’.

We enrolled at Sydney Missionary and Bible College, never thinking that we would end up in ministry, but during that first year there we both felt called. We realised we could have a job helping others know how much God loves them.

God has been relentlessly kind to us. We have been blessed with our kids and served in pastoral ministry in Inverell, Tenterfield and most recently the University Chapel in Armidale, the church where I was converted 20 years ago. We are all excited about serving in Arawang, beginning in November.

by Reverend Angus Robinson

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