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Tim Narraway is married to the delightful Annemarie. They have two children, Caitlin and Nathaniel. Tim worked in nature conservation and safaris in shallowest, lightest Africa before emigrating to Australia in 2000 where he worked for a small research consultancy in Canberra.

Since arriving in Australia, Tim has been involved in ministry of one kind or another, from leading large Sunday schools, being on the Emmaus team, to parish and prison ministry and Kairos.

Currently he is working in the parishes of Cobargo and Narooma as well as being chaplain to Sapphire Coast Anglican College. He is a third order Franciscan, with a love for Christ-centred spirituality, and enjoys running quiet days for parishes and the order from time to time.

He completed a B.Th. from Charles Sturt University and St Marks National Theological Centre to add to a B.Pr. from UNISA, which he  completed whilst working in wool production.

The Narraways have enjoyed being on the South Coast team, and are passionate about encouraging people and seeing them come to faith and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. He is particularly grateful to the range and depth of mentoring, opportunities and encouragement
he has received from many of his colleagues across the greater Church family, especially retired clergy.

Tim’s hobbies include playing guitar, reading biographies, kayaking, art and photography, snorkelling, and cooking.


Phil was born in Sydney to loving Christian parents and grew up in Bathurst and Orange, NSW. While there has never been a time when Phil did not know of the love of Jesus, his journey of faith has involved periods of deep questioning and grappling with having a disability.

Over the years he has developed an appreciation of how God works in surprising ways and in unexpected places. Most of all, he has come to love the way in which the Gospel of Jesus turns the assumed order of the world on its head.

Phil completed a ministry apprenticeship in Canberra and Darwin prior to studying theology at Moore Theological College in Sydney. He graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity (Honours) in 2016 and his thesis was on the theological significance of disability and healing in Jesus’ ministry.

After serving for two years as a Deacon at St Stephen’s Anglican Church in Belrose, God called Phil to serve at Christ Church in Hawker where he anticipates remaining in 2020. Phil is grateful for the support of his friends and family in his journey towards ordination. Phil is married to Laura and they have two children; Lucas and Phoebe.

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