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In 2018 the Pelican Foundation supported the implementation of a joint project between Bodalla-Narooma and Cobargo-Bermagui to take a vibrant, existing outreach ministry to children and families from belonging to believing, and to build a similar ministry in a neighbouring parish.

Reverend Tim Narraway took up the post as Youth and Family Minister across the two parishes. His 2018 report to the Pelican Foundation has been adapted for this article.

Tim and his wife, Annemarie, have come to know and love the people (Phil 1:7) of the south coast as together they have shared both celebrations (like Cobargo show, Seaside fair, weddings and baptisms) and trying times (The Tathra and Yankees Gap bushfires and times of sorrow and loss and funerals).

Tim is very grateful to the Pelican foundation for its financial boost and to Archdeacon Carol Wagner for her support and leadership. He has cherished the opportunity to largely run Cobargo parish, which was made possible with the generous and active support of the members of both parishes, who gave of their time, wisdom, energy and finances to enable the work to continue.

During 2018 Tim notes that he kept Bishop Trevor’s advice in the forefront of his thinking; ‘Love, Learn and Listen’ and that of the apostle Paul where he said ‘It is not enough that we should share the gospel with you, but our lives as well’.

The Narooma Christian Churches combined youth group grew significantly in 2018. These evenings consist of games and teaching, worship and, most importantly, the food. The youth come from all across the two parishes and many different churches and the group grew to the extent that it needed to be split into junior and senior youth. Tim took on the responsibility of running it with the support of Reverend Mandy Wheatley.

2018 was a remarkable one for scripture with Tim involved in scripture in Bermagui, Narooma, Cobargo Public and Quaama.

Tim expressed his delight that so many parishioners volunteer in school scripture and have done so faithfully for so many years. He benefitted from watching them in action, and felt he have gained far more from them than they did from

In 2019 Tim will continue to support scripture wherever able, and will also be teaching five lessons a week at Sapphire Coast Anglican College where he will be serving as chaplain.

Tim’s weekly involvement in mainly music of a Friday morning has meant a lot to him, in coming alongside young families, both dads and mums, grandparents and carers and seeing how the children grew over the course of a year. This ministry involves a large number of volunteers each week – washing up, or preparing meals in the kitchen, leading a program or supervising on the playground – and is an important part of their witness as a church for Christ and of his love and care for the kids.

It was Tim’s privilege to preach almost every Sunday somewhere throughout the year, where he enjoyed meeting up with the people of God around the Word of God.

The year provided numerous opportunities for conversations, evangelism and ministry to take place in unexpected ways, with Tim seeking to be on the front foot, taking opportunities to engage with all people in the community, from the business owners to the battlers.

The parish ran a number of special events, hosting evangelist Doug Macfarlane, the Blessing of the Pets, Blessing of the Fire Crew, Sea Sunday and Blessing of the Fleet, Bermagui Seaside Fair outreach, Cobargo Show outreach, Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

Tim focused much of his attention on Cobargo, Quaama and opening up a new mission area in Brogo, as opportunities allowed. He joined the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and is in the process of having his accreditation as a chaplain for the RFS approved. During the course of the year Tim was called upon to act as chaplain to Tathra, with the bushfires there, and was team leader for the chaplains at the Ulladulla bushfire.

All these things he sees as an adjunct and support for his parish role. In each of these activities he has been very firmly supported both emotionally and in prayer by  his wife and children.

Tim would like to thank the Pelican Foundation for the generous support this past year.

He will continue to preach at Narooma and Bodalla the third week of every month in 2019, with Archdeacon Carol helping in Bermagui and Cobargo on that week. He looks forward to spending more time with the people of the south coast, sharing both the precious gospel of Jesus, and lives together.

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