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On 3rd November a farewell service was held for Reverend Jenni Roberts at Berridale. Over 70 people from across the Monaro made the journey to Berridale to acknowledge nearly twenty years of ordained ministry for Jenni.

In the words of Archdeacon Paul Cohen who attended:

‘It was a wonderful service of thanksgiving to our Lord for Jenni and her ministry, with a full church, and with people coming from all over the Monaro!’

Reverend Edith Mayhew preached the homily from the story of Zaccheus in Luke 19:1-10, reminding those gathered to ‘not be a  taker; be a giver’.

Jenni presided over the Eucharist.

Archdeacon Brian Roberts did a spectacular job of organising the event, leading the service, then MC’ing the speeches and presentation in the hall. Archdeacon Paul also gave a short speech and a letter was read from Canon Kevin Stone.

Thanks to Archdeacon Paul Cohen for the report and photos.

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