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On 3 June Andrea and Deb, from Embracing Ministries, came to Gundagai to help our parish conduct our very first Family Service. Andrea preached at our traditional 9.00 am service and then opened their treasure boxes for our Family Service at 11.30. They had lovely, appropriate crafts for the children to do, gorgeous lively songs, prayers for the children and adults and ways for everyone to join in. It was a delightful service and I know that it has inspired us for our ongoing ministry.

In the afternoon members of our local Baptist Church joined us for a workshop led by these talented women on Inclusion in our Churches and Children’s Ministries. It was a great blessing and I know that it made me identify those who already attend our church with special needs and think about ways to include them even more effectively. After the workshop our team felt encouraged and equipped to continue these services. We are already looking forward to when Embracing Ministries returns to give us even more tips and encouragement.

This visit was perfectly timed not only to coincide with our first Family Service but our new disabled-access door which was started this week, so we hope to be even more inclusive in the future.

by Reverend Wendy Bloomfield

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