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Sisters and brothers in Christ,

I would ask you to uphold St Martin’s College and Charles Sturt University at Wagga Wagga in your prayers following the suicide death of a St Martin’s student on Friday evening.

This dear young woman was a popular resident of the College, a member of the University AFES group, with an established Christian background and excellent family support. She has a long history of community and academic achievement in a high demand course with no prior concerns for her health.

The community of the College and the wider University needs our prayers as they adjust to an unexplained reality especially in the midst of on-going University examinations.

Please pray for grieving parents, relatives, fellow students and the wider community.   Do also please pray for the Reverend Dr Grant Bell – the Head of College – in the first week of his appointment to the College. Please be assured that appropriate care and pastoral support has been put in place at various levels by the College and the University. I commend College Chair, Dr Bill Anscombe and Dr Bell for their immediate, compassionate and practical response to this tragedy.

For Jesus,

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