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Wow! What an afternoon! Despite the storms and downpours, the creative juices flowed freely. Participants ranged from 4 to 70+ years, some semi-professional artists, others without a creative bone in their body – but all came away with something to remember.

So what is this all about? Back in 2016 the Pelican Foundation invited the Waters’ Edge @ Googong team to cast a vision for the future: we named this vision ‘Diving In — Empowering Women’.

Our goal was, and still is, to reach female residents within the Googong township, both by developing pastorally sensitive visiting to the vulnerable, lonely and needy and identifying strong women role models within the community who are willing to share insights and energy. We have a passion to develop activities and events focussing on women and their families that would change lives and transform the Googong community and provide opportunities for people to encounter Jesus Christ.

And so the dreaming started. The artists amongst us have long wanted to create a space where families could come together and draw, paint, collage, write and play. And so ‘Colour Me Googong’ was imagined. Jason Derulo’s 2018 FIFA
World Cup anthem ‘Colors’ became our inspiration for the day. And as we listened we began to create.

Oh, what a feeling
Look what we’ve overcome
Oh, I’m gonna wave-a-wave
my flag
And count all the reasons
We are the champions
There ain’t no turning,
turning back
Saying ‘Oh, can’t you taste
the feeling’
Saying ‘Oh, we all together
Look how far we’ve come
Now, now, now, now
There’s beauty in the unity
we’ve found
I’m ready, I’m ready
We still got a long way
But look how far we’ve come
Now, now, now, now
Hands up for your colors …

Songwriters: Jason Desrouleaux / Edgar Barrera / Ishmael Montague / Geoffrey Early / Jamie Sanderson / Nija Charles Colors lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Reach Music Publishing

A number of ideas from the song struck a chord, but for most of us ‘Look how far we’ve come’ was a significant theme and so pertinent to our current situation. Some painted, others used collage, textas, glitter — others experimented with brushes, sponges and even mops to express the ideas in our heads and hearts. Children and some adults immersed themselves in the paint (quite literally) whilst others took a more considered approach, but everyone took a step in exploring the media on offer and expressing something of their heart in doing so.

Conversations went beyond the superficial as we played and spent time together. Relationships deepened as we worked together on art (and in the clean-up!). Doors opened as we expressed our hearts to our loving and faithful God … and not one another.

This was a first … but we learnt and played so much you can be sure we are looking forward to next time!

by Reverend Ruth Walton