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Beloved in Christ,

You will no doubt be aware of the loss of property and homes – through fire – in the Parish of Bega and in particular, the community of Tathra. The Reverend Stuart Haynes and his team from Bega have been present at the fire-ground assisting with evacuations, caring for parishioners and helping where needed. Our General Manager, Mr Ament, will be in the area today assessing damage to Wambiri (if access is granted – as the community is in lock-down) and working through how best we can serve the wider community.

Bishop Trevor has full carriage of this matter and will give you updates as they come to hand. At this point, I would ask that you bring this matter before the Lord.

Heavenly Father,
We pray now for those in emergency services who are fighting fires and caring for those in distress.
We know property and stock have been destroyed and we ask you , O Lord, to comfort and uphold people in shock and those who have been injured.
Thank you for the ministry of the Reverend Stuart and Mrs Kathy Haynes and those who serve with them. Give them wisdom, grace, resilience and needed rest.
Please uphold Bishop Trevor and Mr Ament as they oversee and orchestrate a diocesan response.
May you be honoured and glorified in and through all that takes place in and through your people.
Thank you for hearing and answering this prayer.

For Jesus,