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Each year students across Burgmann Anglican School participate in a variety of ways to support Anglicare during their Winter Pantry Appeal by donating non-perishable items and raising awareness and resources for those in Canberra who find it especially challenging in winter.

The Winter Pantry Appeal is the Term 2 charity focus in each subschool, and the generosity of families is extraordinary as they collectively donate thousands of items each year. Funds are also raised and donated through various activities organised by the Ginninderra Award students in Middle School.

Additionally, Senior School students may volunteer to participate in the Winter Sleepout. These students spend the night in the school gymnasium ‘purchasing’ pieces of cardboard and items of comfort by providing cans of food. In 2018, 800 cans of food were collected in this single activity.

Burgmann Anglican School is proud to support this important charity.

To donate visit:

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