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The Tathra fires are no longer in the News and the initial emergency response teams have now left. This leaves us with few resources and many needs still to meet.

Our challenge is how do we identify the needs and then meet those needs where appropriate. This is where it is important for
the church to be open and available to the community, which sends the message that we are here with you and for you.

Easter Sunday sunrise has traditionally been celebrated at the Bega look-out. This year, as a response to the Tathra fires and to
care for the Tathra community, I suggested that the sunrise service be at Tathra, to open up opportunities for the Gospel, for ministry, for people to thank God and to celebrate the reality of the resurrection and the new life that Jesus offers.

The Easter service was held at the Tathra Surf Club. It was a combined service and the message was, ‘Why We Need An Alive Jesus’. We had a combined worship team led by Captain Katherine Haynes and there was a Kids Club organised by Dick Burnell.

As I went around welcoming people I was pleasantly surprised how many locals there were that wanted to come along to ‘thank God’ even in the midst of such tragedy and loss. There was also support from the wider Bega community through to Bemboka. If you would like to contribute to the Tathra appeal for longterm support, please visit:

by Reverend Captain Stuart Haynes