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Just after Christmas, Ashlie’s partner left, leaving her alone with her young children. She struggled to meet the costs of getting the kids ready for the new school year as well as the everyday challenges of living and parenting. “I didn’t want to ask for help but I had to. It was amazing how Anglicare got me through. The kids got what they needed when I couldn’t provide for them on my own.” When all seemed lost, Anglicare’s local community centre provided Ashlie and her children with food as well as practical and emotional support.

Community Centre Manager, Roanna, knows first hand the vital role Anglicare plays in vulnerable communities. “There is a desperate need for emergency food assistance. We meet around ten requests for food every week at our centre – that’s all we can do right now, due to funding limitations … But if we had more funding, we could assist more families. There are kids out there that are hungry because their parents cannot afford to feed them. There definitely are. Gosh, when I think about some of the clients we have assisted, they say – ‘My kids don’t have any school food. My kids haven’t had any breakfast. My kids haven’t been fed for two days. I need help.’

Anglicare urgently needs donations to meet the needs of vulnerable families through the cold winter. Your donation can now have TWICE THE IMPACT thanks to our Gift Matching Fund.Two generous donors are so committed to making a difference, they have agreed to match incoming donations, dollar for dollar. If you give today, you will know that your donation is doing twice the good! Donate online at or call 6278 8400.